LPFM radio stations are small, low power stations licensed by the FCC to serve a small area, a distinct community or a distinct audience within a larger community. They have only been in existence for about a decade now. This site will not give you proven how-to-do-it instructions. We will point you to various resources, and the Blog page essays will challenge all kinds of traditional wisdom that has guided broadcasting in the past. The essays will also challenge what is becoming conventional thinking among many LPFM broadcasters. This genre of broadcasting will have to perform very, very well if it is to survive. The dilemma for me and the dilemma for you is: What does “perform very, very well” actually mean? Will we recognize the answer when we see it?

Come back often. The content changes regularly.

The Application Window May Soon Be Open

Late in 2009, a breeze began stirring in Congress and the FCC. There is an expectation that an “Application Window” will be put in place in the months to come which would allow the building of additional LPFM broadcast stations. With so much attention to the question of health care reform and stimulating the economy, the proposed new LPFM legislation is not progressing through the legislative process with any urgency.

This kind of facility came into being about a decade ago and I was not paying attention to this genre of stations at that time. This Web Site and BLOG has been designed primarily for people who want to decide if they would like to participate in this expansion of the LPFM movement, and are in search of “how to do it” ideas.

My goal is to serve as a catalyst and as a docent to point you to the many resources scattered around in cyberspace. I don’t operate an LPFM! You will want to view my essays on the BLOG page with curiosity and maybe some skepticism.